The VSx System

A Platform for Digital Storytelling and Interactive Experiences

Giedion/Kircher presents an integrated system for the creation of digital experiences involving multiple media — including dynamic narrative presentations, large scale video art installations, interactive kiosks and digital signage.

An Integrated System with Proprietary Components

To further our mission of providing complete, cutting-edge interactive media solutions from concept through deployment, we are constantly conceiving new processes and developing new tools — of which this platform is one example. Comprised of proprietary, third-party and open source technologies, it powers solution delivery while enabling and enhancing the creative development process. Leveraging this proprietary platform means faster, more efficient delivery with greater reliability — and also a greater range of options for reuse of content across multiple contexts.

At the core of the system is the VSx Visual Synthesizer, a graphics engine capable of creating real time motion graphics, cinematic 3D animations and virtually any sort of dynamic composition involving images, typography, video and other media assets. This application can be tightly integrated with other components for audio sequencing, live streaming, projection mapping and more.

Scenes, cues and animation parameters in the core motion graphics and compositing application can be controlled in a number of ways …
… in real time or programmed on a linear timeline.

Taking Creativity to a New Level of Agility

Using this proprietary platform as part of our production process results in increased efficiency and greater return on investment for our clients. But a faster and more efficient process is only one advantage. Perhaps more important is the expanded range of creative options, which ultimately means the delivery of more compelling experiences to audiences — the result of an increased level of agility in creative development. In a “traditional” interactive media development process, many solutions are not easily iterated upon — and they are not seamlessly updatable during a performance, presentation or live event deployment (even with CMS-driven content). This means experience designers may become locked into a particular solution with limited options to adapt to dynamic circumstances, and presenters or performers have limited ability to shape the experience for the audience. The Giedion/Kircher process and platform offers an unprecedented level of flexibility to make creative decisions quickly and efficiently at any stage of the process — even when the experience is “live.”

Designed for a Range of Applications

The system offers the flexibility to deliver a wide range of content in a variety of ways.

Multiple Media Types

The VSx engine handles a range of visual media asset types, including the sorts of elements often used in a typical presentation application: images, text, and video. But this is just the starting point. The system also includes support for 3D animations and effects as well as dynamic media such as remote HTML content and database-driven assets. Tight integration with peripheral applications allows the inclusion of a full range of audio assets, virtual instruments and effects for full music and sound design possibilities. Together these components support experiences ranging from digital signage to cinematic narratives — or combinations thereof.

Delivery in a Variety of Contexts

Linear or non-linear. Festival stage or keynote lectern. Presenter-driven or audience-driven. Multiple modes, multiple contexts — one platform. The system is designed to allow a single library of assets and experience design concepts to be adapted to multiple contexts and UI paradigms and deployed across a range of venues — leveraging creative investment where needed, and as much as possible.

A Proven Solution Informed by Production Experience

This system — and our creative process in general — has been developed by applying our artistic and engineering experience with some of the biggest event venues and top-level international creative talent — combined with decades of work in digital media application development. Then — in technology forum presentation, experimental theater stage, live music festival performance and other proving grounds — the resulting product suite has been refined through demanding real world deployment. The result is a set of tools and processes optimized for a new level of experience for your audience.

This system and process enables a number of innovative ways to create experiences for audiences, including new approach to presentations driven by interactive storytelling as well as new forms of intermedia (audio / visual) performance art.