The Impact of Large-Scale Interactivity

Engaging and Informing an Audience

As decision-makers converged at a series of trade show events in 2018, the marketing team from a major business consulting firm needed an innovative and effective way to present the range of solutions they offered — while engaging the audience members in a visually impactive experience that increased awareness of the brand.  An interactive wall effectively met these needs.

Drawing upon insights from the initial discovery and ideation sessions, a design for a compelling and informative experience was developed. A portable installation would use interactive touchwall technology to vividly showcase the range of the company’s capabilities, with large-scale and dynamic visuals providing a high level of visibility to command attention and promote awareness of the brand a distance. The interactive elements were designed to impactfully manifest brand identity messaging themes while providing access to a range of content that supports the client’s story.

The palette for these experiences are  20’ custom-fabricated interactive walls with embedded sensors, and an integrated video projection and audio system — all assembled and tested in our Los Angeles shop, shipped across the country to be deployed at multiple trade show events. Dynamic, interactive 3D visuals were implemented using modern game engine technology, providing high-impact imagery and content navigation controls.

Video walls can support dynamic, live presentations …
… or can allow event attendees to explore on their own.

Visibility and Engagement

The large-scale, dynamic visuals and unique form factor of the experience provided high visibility, even in a busy trade show environment. The touchwall commanded attention and promoted brand awareness, and the interactive elements visually manifested messaging themes while providing access to a range of content that supports the story.

The results were compelling and memorable experiences for event attendees. The activations attracted attention from a distance, drew the audience in, and then provided an interactive overview of product and service offerings when attendees approached, either through user-driven interactions or as part of a presentation by event staff.

Following the success of the first series of events, similar subsequent activations involving another consulting group within the company were delivered for a series of high-profile, VIP client events in Washington DC.

At a major trade show, the interactive wall was frequently used to support live presentations of the organization’s capabilitites.