About 23

Giedion / Kircher

We are an independent agency dedicated to creating transformative experiences through the art and science of interactive media.

Our solutions attract, engage and entertain audiences, express brand messages, convey narratives and explain complex concepts.

Bringing decades of experience to the practice, we’ve developed a process based on a deep understanding of technology and the application of proven design principles.


The core of the Giedion Kircher team has a history of creating interactive digital experiences that spans the personal computer revolution, the development of digital video solutions, the early days of the World Wide Web — through the rise of social media to the current era of virtual and augmented reality.

Through all this we’ve navigated many changes brought about by the disruptive nature of technology. We’ve also observed that in the midst of the dynamism some things do — and should — remain consistent. From this continuing experience and learning we’ve developed the paradigms and principles that drive our process.

Today, from our studio and workshop in Los Angeles — arguably the preeminent global crossroads of media, entertainment, technology and storytelling — we combine strategy, technology, and creativity with experienced production chops to deliver solutions that effectively and measurably address the communication needs of our clients.

The Agency

Our team — multidisciplinary to the core — is dedicated to the integration of the latest technologies, multiple media, and design techniques both emergent and traditional into holistic solutions. We deliver experiences through video walls, kiosks, interactive exhibits, VR and more — in a wide variety of venues, from trade shows to festivals. With a broad array of delivery technology at our disposal, a key part of the design process is identifying the right media and mechanisms for a given context.

Bringing a background with industrial engineering and software industries, the team is well-prepared to help technology companies explain complex ideas around highly technical product offerings. At the same time a background in performance art informs the creation of one-of-a-kind, dynamic, transitory but highly memorable experiences for audiences.  

While our focus is digitally-driven experiences, the world is our canvas: live events and physical spaces, environmental designs as well as digital and connected activations, immersive technology, moving images and sound design. And the range of options available to us continues to expand.

The Future

Our mission is to continue to explore the exciting possibilities that unfold almost daily on multiple fronts. We invite you to join us in this adventure. Do you have specific communication goals in mind? Or perhaps you’re just looking for some fresh ideas for a transformational experience for your audience. Either way — let’s talk — and see what we can create together.