A New Approach for Live Presentations

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Beyond the Slide Deck

We live in a multidimensional world. Our lives are spent moving through and interacting with three-dimensional space. Our journeys are rarely on a single, straight path; there are forks in the road and choices to be made. These are the sorts of experiences our brains are wired to understand. It is unfortunate, then, that most business presentations are delivered in a linear and two-dimensional manner, using PowerPoint or a similar tool — essentially the same approach as the 35mm slides and transparencies of decades ago.

Clearly there’s a need for a new approach that allows presenters to move beyond this outmoded paradigm — a system that uses new technology to empower business communication professionals to tell more engaging and effective stories.

Our team is constantly involved in research into new media tools and techniques — across multiple domains — in order to develop new creative concepts and innovative communication solutions for our clients. In this example, our team’s experience in live video performance art — with work seen at venues ranging from the Museum of Modern Art in New York to the Coachella festival in California — drove the development of a platform and process that enables our clients to take their business presentations to a new level.

Nonlinear 3D Interactive Narratives

This is a new paradigm in visual storytelling, allowing presenters to go beyond the slide show to a world of non-linear, interactive narrative experiences that play out in three-dimensional space. The platform allows a presentation author to use many of the same assets one would in a conventional scenario, such as text and 2D images — with the addition of dynamic 3D objects and visualizations, as necessary. Everything is presented to the audience as elements in a 3D journey, enhancing the flow of the story and providing clear visual context for each point.

3D maps provide context for each element of the story
3D galleries and objects that can be explored from any angle
While abstract environments are often expected for business presentations …
… journeys with a whimsical, cinematic or video game quality are also possible
Quantitative data …
… presented in three dimensions
Control by a presenter …
… or by audience members

A Collaborative Development Process

This solution is both a platform and a process — a collaboration with our clients: through discovery and design, refining messaging and developing presentation architecture and assets, we provide a turnkey tool for high-production value presentations. But it doesn’t end there: as presentation needs evolve, content and flow are updatable through an integrated content management system.

Furthermore, the solution is designed to be multi-platform: content developed for live presentation can be repurposed in a stand-alone interactive “kiosk” mode where the experience is driven by the audience, or to web or mobile contexts. This is just one example of an underlying philosophy that content worth developing is worth leveraging as much as possible. In order to maximize value for our clients, we seek to generate creative solutions, themes, models, assets, and more that live well beyond a single activation, and that can be reused and repurposed across multiple channels and platforms.

The Infinite Game

Learn more about our approach to interactive presentations in this example from trade shows in Europe and the US: The Infinite Game