An Instrument for Live Video Art

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There are times when the necessary tools for the creative process we have in mind don’t exist — so we have to invent them. This software application — more properly referred to as an “instrument” — for creating live video art and motion graphics is one example. It offers the performance artist new ways to create a wide range of 3D images, tightly integrated with other performers, with powerful control over adapting the experience to a given context and shaping the content for the audience — all in real time. See it in action in the video, below.

As the video demonstrates, the tool is designed to be controlled with a touchscreen interface as well as musical instruments such as keyboards and drum triggers. It can also control electronic instruments — meaning that in any given performance musical cues might be driving visuals, or visual cues might be driving musical instruments, or both, simultaneously. As the system is geared towards live performance, gestures and triggers by the performer are always an essential component of the mix.

A performance artist at the touchscreen instrument interface
The main interface allows the performer to assemble dynamic three-dimensional compositions of any level of complexity in a real time, improvisatory manner.

This system is another example of how we further our mission of inventing new ways to create compelling, immersive experiences for audiences in a live, real time context.